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Forest Edge Studio


Studio Gallery

Wildlife Art Wildlife Art Wood Duck Water color - SOLD 78266570 Summer Hummingbird Oil Pastel &Colored Pencil - Private Collection 78266571 Eastern Cottontail Oil Pastel & Colored Pencil - SOLD 78266572 Wood Thrush Watercolor - SOLD 78278959 Young Hare Oil Pastel & Colored Pencil - Private Collection 78278960 Eastern Bluebird Colored Pencil - Private Collection 78278961 Baltimore Oriole Colored Pencil - Private Collection 78440185 Evening Grosbeak Colored Pencil - Private Collection 78440186 Red Fox Watercolor - Sold 78440187 Another Journey's End Graphite and Water Color - Private Collection 197236230 Capen Hill Haven Acrylic on paper - Private Collection 197236231 "Leroy" Water color - Private Collection 197236346 Coming in for a landing Acrylic and watercolor - Private Collection 197236347 Red Squirrel Oil pastel and color pencil - Sold 197236348 Wood Ducklings Pen & Ink Drawing 197249025 Great Horned Owl 8.5 x 11 Color pencil and Pastel on Strathmore 400 Series Archival Paper (Reference photo for owl used with permission from Crystal Stacey of Edged Feather Photography) 201791955 Cougar Cub 10" x 10" Color Pencil on black sued mat board Reference photo by Cindy Fry - used with permission 204667892